Skid Row Takeover


For 2 days straight, March 26 and 27, we’ll be providing resources and support to one of the most notorious and heavily populated homeless communities in the world. Skid Row houses somewhere between 2,000-11,000 homeless people in a 54-block area in Los Angeles.

As an example of our support, some of the resources we’ll be providing are:

Lunch for both days
Preserved and packaged food for later consumption
-Women’s hygiene supplies with purses
-Pet food
-Jackets and coat hangers
-Toiletries for everyone
-Trash cleanup
-Beautify and painting

Personnel and volunteer needs:
1. Street team to pass out flyers
2. Volunteers to hand out supplies
3. Volunteers to pick up trash
4. Volunteers to paint
5. Photographers and videographers

Donations needed:
1. Clothes
2. Coat racks
3. Food (live)
4. Food (preserved)
5. Paint
6. Women’s hygiene supplies
7. Purses
8. Refrigerator
9. Pet supplies

If you’re interested in helping in some capacity send emails directly to Or, contact Andrew Medal directly via text, email, Facebook or Instagram.

You can also signup directly on our contact page: